On a Quest for the Beginning

It seems as the years pass, my interest in finding the origins of my family grows stronger. The more I learn about my heritage, the more fascinated I become. I find myself with renewed interest in historical events far removed from my present-day life. I find the world grows smaller with each newly discovered branch of my family tree.

Strides in DNA testing for genealogical research has opened up a whole new arena for research. We are now offered a way around those dead-ends and brick walls we sometimes encounter in family research. It is an exciting time!

Throughout the years I have spent a lot of time sifting through information with no relevance to Guam. In an effort to help others, I have compiled a listing of my favorite links to resources for the Guam based researcher.

Current projects I am working on include finding the origins of the Leon Guerrero family in Guam and the Mariana Islands, the relationship between the Leon Guerrero and Tenorio families, the lineage of my maternal line including the surnames Wessel, Wagner (Germany), Withrow, Young, Harris, and Kennedy (United Kingdom) and the migration out of Africa of my ancestors on both my maternal and paternal sides.

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