Limited Facsimilie Edition of 1905 Guam History Book Available

Limited Facsimilie Edition of 1905 Guam History Book Available

Guamology Publishing is currently selling copies of William Safford’s Useful Plants of Guam.

The Contents of the book include:

Geographical Information

Historical notices

Discovery of Guam and its early history

Scientific explorations of the island

Extracts from the archives of Guam relating to its economic history

Physical conditions of Guam

Vegetation of the island

Plant covering according to habitat

Plants of special interest

Dispersal of plants by oceanic currents

Animals of the island

The People


Descriptive catalogue of plants

The book is hardback with dust jacket, 500 page including 69 photos and a map of Guam.

A limited number of books are available for $60.00 plus shipping and handling.

To pre-order please email:

About the Author:

In 1905 William Safford produced “Useful Plants of the Island of Guam,” a book that is believed to be the earliest history of Guam originally written and published in English.

He arrived on Guam in 1899 as an aide to the first American Governor of Guam, Capt. Richard Leary. Safford, in fact, functioned more like a Lt. Governor as the Governor Leary told Safford to only consult him in emergencies.

Safford endeared himself to the local population by living among the residents of Agaña and opening his home to them day and night. As a scholar and naturalist, his observations of life and the natural environment of Guam allowed him to contribute greatly to our current knowledge of the past.

His open and generous nature was well received by the local people and he forged great friendships with Padre Palomo and don Juan Torres. Palomo and Torres served as advisors to Safford about local customs, traditions and practices, the Chamorro language, the people and society of Guam.

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