Searching for Esiquiel L.G. Castro

Searching for Esiquiel L.G. Castro

I have been researching the Leon Guerrero’s of Guam for a while now. I get busy and put away the research and start up again. I am in one of those start up phases now. I am trying to trace the lineage of one Ezekial Leon Guerrero CASTRO. I have the found the following alternate spellings for his first name: Esiquiel, Exequiel. The most common spelling that I have found in the Guam historical record is: Exequiel – there are several other individuals with the same spelling.

In the 1897 Spanish Census lists a Don Esiquiel de Castro (born about 1832) as the head of a household of seven. He is married to Maria Wilson. The following children are listed: Juan Wilson Castro, Dolores Wilson Castro, Dolores Wilson Castro and Rofina Wilson Castro. Margarita de Leon Guerrero, an 89 year-old widow also resides there. I presume that Margarita is Esiquiel’s mother.

The Chamorro Roots Project data base lists both Esiquiel de Castro (1832) and an Ezekial Leon Guerrero Castro (1845) also married to a Maria Diaz Castro with the same children. The source for this information appears to be the Souder/Torres genealogy.

The Guam News Letter of January 1919 lists among the deaths for November 17th, 1918 an Exequiel Castro Leon Guerrero. This was the year of the influenza epidemic which hit the elderly and children hardest. If this was in fact Don Esiquiel de Castro, he would have been 86 years old.

There is one other Exequiel C. Leon Guerrero who died between June 16 and July 14th 1937 at the age of 27. Because of the tradition to name children after ancestors, and because of the unique name Exequiel, this may be a descendent of Don Esiquiel de Castro.

When the Americans came to Guam they changed the way that the hispanic names were recorded – for example in the Spanish tradition, Esiquiel de Castro de Leon Guerreo would indicate that Esiquiel’s father was a de Castro and his mother was a de Leon Guerrero. In the American system, and what is common today in Guam, it would be the opposite: De Castro would be his mother’s name and Leon Guerrero his father’s name. When the Americans made the citizens choose only one name as the “last” name in the American tradition it made following a lineage difficult. This is especially true when individuals chose a different name entirely. From oral histories conducted by Anthony “Malia” Ramirez, this is known to have occurred.

So at this point I am looking for clues to the family of Esiquiel. I am really interested in is finding descendants of Esiquiel de Castro in order to learn more about him and his connection to Margarita Leon Guerreo.

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